Persisten©e Pays Off

I’m guessing that very few industries or companies are immune from having their intellectual property ripped off by Chinese firms. This includes trademarks, patents, and (yes, my favorite subject) copyrights. …

Finally…A Happy Copyright Report

So having just returned from Guangzhou, it is with a certain amount of satisfaction that I can report that the number of exhibitors stealing Wild Apple artwork this time was 13 (a few more had art from other publishers but no Wild Apple).

Report on Yiwu, China Show, Sept 2013

Report on Yiwu, China Show

A few art publishers attended the China Art & Frame Expo (Cafexpo) in Yiwu, China last week (Lonnie Lemco of World Art Group, Monique Van den Hurk of May, and myself). Having been there about 8 years ago, I was expecting a ton of copyright problems. So I’m happy to report that it was not nearly as bad as expected

Copyright Progress (with a Long Way to Go)

Made it back home with no arrests, no jail time. Yes, we were on another copyright infringement hunting trip in China. This time there were 6 art publishers (International Graphics, May, Rosenstiels, Top Art, World Art Group, and Wild Apple) walking the massive Canton and Jinhan Fairs in Guangzhou. Bad news: there were just as many companies ripping off artwork as the last time. Good news: the number of images being ripped off, especially from Wild Apple’s perspective, was way, way down. Could it be…we’re actually having some effect?!

Art Copyright Coalition Revs Up!

At the recent West Coast Art & Frame show, art publishers gathered to discuss industry issues. The biggest issue common to all of us – no surprise here – is copyright infringement, particularly in Asia. At the meeting the group decided to formally revive the Art Copyright Coalition which had become somewhat dormant during the recession when we were all busy just trying to survive.

Art Copyright Coalition Finds Rampant Counterfitting at Canton Fair and Jinhan Fair

On October 24-25, 2012, eight art publisher members of the Art Copyright Coalition met in Guangzhou, China to walk the Canton Fair and the Jinhan Fair to assess the level of copyright infringements at these shows. The group found over 30 Chinese companies with significant levels of illegal copies. Because two days was insufficient time to cover both shows, the group estimated the number of infringing companies to be much higher.