We strive to be the voice of the visual arts community, partnering with industry leaders in worldwide efforts to combat counterfeiting.

More than 10 years ago a group of Art Publishers from North America, the UK and Europe met to discuss the ongoing issue of copyright infringement. This meeting was instrumental in forming what is now known as the Art Copyright Coalition. Today, we are a united group of the world’s largest and most well-known art publishers, working together to combat the illegal copying of our artists works by manufacturers around the world.

Working together as a group we take action against infringers, raise awareness of the issues at tradeshows, educate retailers who may be unknowingly supporting copyright infringers as well as lobby on behalf of our members and the Visual Arts community at large on the Hill and with governments and copyright offices around the world. The ACC is committed to taking every action possible to protect art and creativity and to respond to its members’ concerns.

Battling counterfeiters is an expensive & difficult task for any single person or company. Combining forces with reputable companies facing the same challenge is more affordable and has been cost effective for ACC members.

Our Mission

  • To protect the rights of artists, art publishers, copyright owners, their licensees and agents in the field of the arts,
  • To educate the public on the issues of copyright law and the rights of copyright owners in the field of the arts,
  • To develop standards of conduct related to respect for intellectual property in the art industry, and
  • To help resolve copyright disputes between members in an amicable manner.