The ACC welcomes members in the fields of the visual arts, art publishing, art licensing, framing, and molding who have standing to bring infringement actions (i.e. copyright, patent, trademark).

Membership is also available to rights holders, trade associations, retailers, law firms,government entities, and other persons who are affected by copyright infringement of artistic imagery or framing.

Membership is also available to rights holderstrade associationsretailerslaw firmsgovernment entities, and other persons who are affected by copyright infringement of artistic imagery or framing.

Please read our Obligations of Membership

Fees: $1000/year



Template Letters and Materials

  • Template cease and desist letters for independent use.
  • More being developed

Infringement Investigations

  • Be notified of all infringement investigations where the ACC may suspect that member’s imagery may be infringed upon.

Logo Use, Marketing and Publicity

  • Use of the ACC logo in print to inform the world that you are allied with others in the fight against knockoffs.
  • Benefit from publicity and education of the public by ACC against copyright infringement/counterfeiting

Legal Counsel

  • Be allowed to pass suspected cases of infringement to the ACC, who will investigate the matter to determine if an infringement has happened, and to try and find out if other members have been infringed as well. If several members' rights have been infringed, the ACC will, through its counsel, offer legal advice to the group of infringed publishers, and encourage them to take joint action, sharing in the costs.

Tradeshow Surveillance

  • Receive information from trade show surveillance, if possible before the trade show ends -- so that members can ascertain if they are being infringed at the trade show, and thus strive to respond with legal action (such as seizures, trade show expulsion) before the trade show closes.

Information Exchange

  • Be able to freely exchange information with other members about infringers, or tactics used to detect infringers, and to get legal results against them.