Dedicated to confronting infringers

Members of the Art Copyright Coalition have attended the Canton and Jinhan Fairs since 2012 in an effort to identify, confront and stop the illegal use of copyrighted art and design on wall décor, home décor and gift products.

The following manufacturers have repeatedly been found illegally using copyrighted art and design.

Despite repeated communications from members of the Art Copyright Coalition, these companies have refused to cease their illegal use of copyrighted art and design. Buyers should be aware that they risk offering counterfeit products if they buy from these companies.

  • Fujian Dehua Hangyu Ceramics Co. / Jinjian Yuxin Arts & Crafts Co.
  • Fuzhou Best Art & Crafts Co.
  • Minhou Folk Arts & Crafts Co.
  • Fuzhou Star & Moon Home Décor Co.
  • Fuzhou Beyond Arts Co.
  • Fuzhou Yalun Arts and Crafts Co. Ltd
  • Fujian Minhou BODA Arts & Crafts Co. Ltd