Art Copyright Coalition Revs Up!

John Chester Wild Apple Graphics by John Chester – Wild Apple Graphics

At the recent West Coast Art & Frame show, art publishers gathered to discuss industry issues.  The biggest issue common to all of us – no surprise here – is copyright infringement, particularly in Asia.  At the meeting the group decided to formally revive the Art Copyright Coalition which had become somewhat dormant during the recession when we were all busy just trying to survive.  The organization will reinstitute its website, serve as a communication point for identified infringements, and lobby for copyright protection of visual arts, all supported by member dues.  Before I had a chance to object I was handed the position of president, and Lonnie Lemco of World Art Group became instant treasurer.

Our next big step is a second trip to the Canton Fair and Jinhan Fair in April, just two months away.  Eight art publishers went as a group to attend these shows in October, and found over 40 companies infringing copyrights (see earlier blog orNews for the gory details).  By going to back-to-back shows in China, we hope to communicate our seriousness in combating piracy.  Our simple message is DON’T STEAL ART!

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