Obligations of Membership to the ACC

    • Mediation, then binding arbitration between members in good standing.

    • Neighborhood watch – reasonably respond to member requests to investigate in your region, where appropriate

    • Reimburse members for hard costs reasonably expended, or expended at your request.

    • Pay dues, supplemental dues, or debit (negative) balances on the member’s account timely.

    • Properly fill out forms/infringement packets in suspected cases.

    • Not knowingly, willfully infringe the copyrights of others.

    • Not sue the ACC, or hold it liable.

    • Reimburse the ACC for investigative costs upon commencement of independent legal action, or action by a JET in which you are included, if you have approved action on your behalf.

    • After completion and collection from a successful action, and after all legal fees and out of pocket costs are deducted, to pay 5% of “net award”, or 2X ACC’s investigative costs, whichever is lesser.

    • Contribute 5% of net award or settlements (not to exceed $3000 per case) to a “rewards” fund to reward informants for alerting the ACC of infringements.

    • To contribute, upon request of the ACC, some amount of product to reward informants for valid tips alerting the ACC of infringers.

    • To promote the ACC by including the ACC logo in advertisements, and to encourage all customers to become informants (through invoice/shipment ride-alongs, and other low cost measures).

    • If a member chooses to join a JET, then they must agree to follow the rules of conduct as decided by the majority of that litigation group.

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