World Art Group Finds Infringements at the Shenzhen DecoExpo

by Eric Reeves, Operations Manager, World Art Group

These pictures were taken in the Shenzhen Sunsister Design CO., LTD booth at the Shenzhen DecoExpo  in Shenzhen, China on July 29, 2013. 

We have sent numerous emails and letters from a chinese attorney with no response from Sunsister.  We have asked Sunsister repeatedly to remove our images from their booth, stop selling our prints, and pay us for the prints they have sold.  They have not responded or complied with these requests.  Many of our images on their exhibition walls are clearly copied and printed by them as the quality is very poor.  They also will display our original images on their wall but never place orders for them. We have seen these images at multiple tradeshows over several years and do not receive orders from Sunsister.