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Enforcement Process Step 1

When an ACC member identifies what they believe to be a copyright infringement they contact the ACC office. They are sent (or download) the ACC Infringement Intake Form (IIF).

Enforcement Process Step 2

The member completes and returns (mail or e-mail) the IIF form providing the necessary background information (including images).

Enforcement Process Step 3

If a tip comes in from a non-member (Tipster) the ACC staff will interview them, seek their continuing cooperation, gather as much information on the infringement as it can and complete an IIF. It will then turn over the materials to the ACC’s General Counsel for evaluation and further action. Tipster Toll Free Hotline 866. 476.1335

Enforcement Process Step 4

ACC staff and members will patrol various trade shows and seek to identify infringers. They will gather evidence and if appropriate contact the show’s staff seeking immediate action against the infringing exhibitor(s).

Enforcement Process Step 5

The completed IIF and supporting materials are reviewed by the ACC’s General Counsel. A determination is made as to whether or not a viable, legally enforceable infringement has occurred. Counsel then contacts the member and explains his findings.

Enforcement Process Step 6

If an infringement was found to have occurred the information from the IIF (including visuals) is posted to the “Members Only” portion of the web site. An e-mail will be sent to all members asking them to review the new information and determine whether their rights have also been infringed upon.

Enforcement Process Step 7

If other members feel they might also be victims then Steps 1-3 will be repeated for each member. SPEED – This part of the process must occur with great speed in order for secrecy to be maintained.

Enforcement Process Step 8

When all victimized members have been identified the ACC’s General Counsel will arrange a conference call between all effected members. A Joint Enforcement Team (JET) will be organized by the members wishing to proceed.

Enforcement Process Step 9

The JET members, with the advice of counsel, will decide on a course of action (“Cease & Desist” letters, “Take Down Notices”, negotiations, injunctions. law suits, contacting customs, etc.). From this point on the expenses and decisions regarding the JET’s activities will be the JET members’ sole responsibility.

Enforcement Process Step 10

The ACC will monitor the JET’s progress and help where it can but the actual enforcement activities and decisions will be made solely by the JETs.


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